Blockchain Coworking Space

Neutrino aims to provide an inspiring, collaborative, and productive environment to build the blockchain projects of the future.

Be part of a growing blockchain community

Strengthening Community

Be part of a specialized blockchain community with access to the unique resources of the Neutrino network to help your business thrive

Fostering Innovation

Be inspired, explore, and experiment with cutting edge blockchain technologies by directly connecting with innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders

Learning Together

Started by OmiseGO, Neutrino is building a thriving community by connecting entrepreneurs, businesses, regulators and cryptocurrency thought leaders together through series of regularly organized events, workshops and meetups

Join Neutrino Sponsored Events

Developer Workshops

Deepen your knowledge through technical workshops and hackathons. These events will help encourage engineers to exchange knowledge, innovate, and support development.

Ecosystem Meetups

Learn from industry leaders through Neutrino’s business matching and incubation programs. Also attend meetups to discuss industry trends, commercialization, business strategy, and more.

Premier Events

Connect directly with global blockchain leaders and cutting edge startups through Neutrino’s premier conferences. As a Neutrino member, you will have first access to all Neutrino events.

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